Sell My House Fast Detroit! [Top ways to Sell in 2022]

If you are saying, sell my house fast Detroit coming up here in 2022, then you are in luck because it’s a perfect time to sell your home and the options have never been greater. Here we break down the top ways you can sell your home quickly and have the greatest return on investment. Check it out!

#1 Way to Sell My House Fast Detroit: Can’t Do it Without a Cash Offer

Nothing says red tape, middleman or time wasting than the approval process of selling a Detroit home the traditional way. According to Zillow, In the United States the average time it takes to sell a house is 55-70!! Once you meet a seller and agree on a price for the home and shake hands, it is like running a gauntlet, trying to work your way through the approval process, credit checks, inspection and closing. All this time is passing with plenty of opportunity for your buyer to get cold feet and drop out of the entire process.

The best part of cash offers it that it bypasses all these hurdles to close your Detroit home as fast as possible. Not only that but cash buyers tend to be more committed and certain they would like to purchase your Detroit home. Especially if that buyer is an investor, that looks at purchases’ multiple homes in the greater metro Detroit area. They know exactly what they want and don’t have to work with banks.

Additionally, while running through all the barriers of the banks there will be fees along the way, including inspection fees, realtor fees, and more. Then there are costs to prepare the home to sell, such as cleaning the place up, making repairs and just showing the property in general.

For most of us, making a cash offer on a house isn’t something we can do and rely on traditional financing. However, when we are on the side of selling our property, be aware that there are buyers more than willing to place a cash offer on the property.

Contact a “we buy houses” company

Were not talking about the signs you see on the exit ramps of the freeway. We’re talking about a legitimate house buying company that will purchase your property for an all-cash offer. Companies like this will typically close in a matter of a couple of days with no relators’ commissions or closing costs. We buy houses companies typically specialize in home that either need to sell quickly or in need of repairs.

#2 Way to Sell My House Fast Detroit: Try Doing It Yourself (FSBO)

For sale by owner, if done correctly can be a great option that can potentially save you money and hassle in the long run. This is most ideal when you are selling to a family member or friend, not only will you save some time and energy in the initial search process, but you won’t have to spend the 6% on a realtor fee.

Additionally, you can save money on all the prep work with the home including, staging the home to be shown to multiple buyers and making minor repairs that would showcase the home better. Don’t be wary if your family/friend buyer still wants an inspection though, in fact it would probably be recommended. Any inspector will tell you that the earlier you find a problem with the house is better because it can be addressed accordingly.

If you are thinking about not selling to a friend and family and want to sell it to the public, then that can also save you some money on the realtor’s fee (only 3%) and there are other things you may consider. Make sure your buyer is legitimate as there are real estate scams out there, the home is priced right, and you have the proper paperwork in order. Consider hiring an attorney to make sure the process is done correctly.

#3 Way to Sell My House Fast Detroit: Hire a Great Agent Who Can Do the Job Quickly

There are some great realtors out there! And if you choose to go this route, make sure you stress the fact that you want to sell quickly. A lot of times realtors will network and may have a buyer ready to go. You also get some perks with working with a realtor including, the hassle of negotiating price, comparative analysis for listing price, and they handle the paperwork.

Tips to Sell My House Fast Detroit: Make some repairs and clean to showcase the property

If you are selling to someone on the market, then couple that attractive offer with an attractive house. It is very important to ensure that when someone enters your property, they can see themselves inside the home with minimal work to bring the home up to livable standards.

Declutter the house

We’re all guilty of this at one time or another, we start to gather items and then save it into a designated area like a basement and then add more and more until its overflowing into other rooms. Its one of the woes of being a homeowner. Try to get rid of a lot of junk that may be off putting to people. And keep in mind, you will be moving soon and may have to get rid of it already.

Make some repairs

Were not talking about large repairs for the home inspection, were talking about small ones that are easy fixes: changing light bulbs, touch up the paint on the walls, fix imperfections in the wall, and leaky faucets. These are things potential buyers could notice when you are showcasing the property.

The outside counts!

Nothing is more inviting to a home than a newly mowed lawn and a well-kept yard. Make sure you have taken the time to make you outdoor the entry into your home.

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You have a vast network of people at your fingertips and if your home is for sale by owner, you may have a buyer that’s ready to go. Not only will you have the benefits, listed above like saving on realtor’s commission but it’ll make for a quick sale.

There you have it! The top ways you can sell your home in 2022 when you say, sell my house fast Detroit. Now I want to hear from you, give us a comment below if we missed anything or you would like to add your story of how you sold your home fast in the Detroit area.

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